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Nightingale Events Logo + Website Redesign

This month Nightingale Events celebrated turning five! In honor of this milestone, I paired up with Erica Powell to help me transform our website and show how our brand has evolved. Erica really took the time to learn about Nightingale Events to create a site that truly reflects us and beautifully showcases our work. Erica also redesigned our logo. We went in a timeless direction that still captivates our whimsy and polished side.
We’ve been lucky enough to work with so many amazing couples and travel to some really gorgeous venues. I wanted to make sure our website was a reflection of all that beauty so future clients could get a sense of our work and what sets Nightingale Events apart in the wedding industry.
In addition to showing the latest and greatest of our work, I also wanted to show how our team has grown. We went from myself and my sister Colleen to a team of five, including Vanessa who is now also a lead Event Planner on the team. I feel incredibly blessed to have this fab team! For the redesign, we also decided to do some headshot updates. Sassy Mouth Photography and Chris Ellington took some wonderful new portraits of us. I am excited for everyone to get a chance to learn a little more about each one of us.
In addition to the new site being launched, we have had other opportunities that we are excited about, including being asked by Crate & Barrel to host an event for them in September, getting more involved in corporate events and getting into managing event spaces which we started in late October 2016 and has grown into other opportunities that we will be sharing shortly!
2017 also brought us a gorgeous loft office close to home and so many new friendships in the industry that we couldn’t be happier about.
I am so thankful to my incredible team, clients, vendors and of course our clients! They trust us to create one of a kind events and become like family during the process.

In addition to those thanked above, I really want to thank my husband, family, friends and Erica Powell for believing in my dreams and bearing with me as I make those happen. Being a business owner is not an easy task and everyday I learn and grow and become more and more thankful for everyone and everything I have accomplished.

So excited to share all our future endeavors!


Love this blog post and all the accomplishments in your business leading up to it. Your clients are so lucky to have someone so invested in their vision for their special day. You made our wedding day so much easier! I love recommending you to my clients because I know you will get the job done. It’s an honor to work alongside you. So lucky to have a fellow lady boss friend in the industry. Keep up all the hard work, you’re amazing!!!!!